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I had a severely deviated septum for years which rendered me unable to breathe properly through my nose and caused a variety of other issues and frustrations. I had a septorhinoplasty with Dr. Seth back in March to correct this and I could not be happier with the result and the entire experience.

Starting out with the diagnosis and initial appointments: Dr. Seth was attentive, compassionate and helpful. He was patient with addressing all of my questions and concerns. I had seen a few other ENTs about this prior to then, and they all were very hesitant to provide any recommendations – they seemed to err on the side of telling me all the options (e.g. surgery vs no surgery) and risks associated with those options, and letting me decide what I want to do. Like that makes sense in theory, but deciding whether or not to get surgery is a big decision and I could really use the doctor's expert opinion on what they think would be best. Dr. Seth did exactly that – he outlined all the options, benefits and risks but also said that given my difficulty breathing, he thinks that surgery would greatly improve my quality of life and would be well worth the effort and minor potential risks.

With the surgery itself: Dr. Seth made it very clear what to expect on the day of the surgery, and with the recovery in the weeks and months after. He explained all of this in person during our appointment, and also provided several written resources. The recovery for a rhinoplasty is no fun at all, but I had a much better time than most people do, and I'm guessing this was in large part due to Dr. Seth's skill. I was very congested and uncomfortable for a few days, but started to feel better after that. About a week after surgery, I had a followup appointment to remove the stitches and stents and after this, the worst of my recovery was behind me. I could already breathe better than I ever had, and this only got better in the weeks and months that followed.

I'm about six months removed from the surgery date now, and all but fully recovered. My nose is no longer crooked and looks great. I can breathe amazingly, and my quality of life is much improved. It was a great experience with Dr. Seth from start to finish and I would highly recommend him.
Neeraj D
Dr. Seth fixed my deviated septum and I'm so happy with the results.

I stopped using the "breathe right" nasal stripes (before the surgery I couldn’t sleep without them). I don't have a chronic sore throat anymore and my sleep improved significantly. I feel like the tension in my muscles I used to wake up with is slowly going away as well.

This surgery had such a great impact on my overall health; I wish I'd done it sooner.

If you're considering nose surgery, I highly recommend working with Dr. Seth. He pays attention to details and the results are impeccable.
Ellen S
Dr. Seth administered a medical rhinoplasty on me to improve my ability to breathe through my nose. He was incredibly professional, had great bedside manner, and made sure that I understood every step of the process. My life is forever changed with the ability to breathe through my nose (and therefore sleep much better). Cannot recommend him more highly!
Sam G
Dr. Seth was the best doctor I ever could have hoped for! He invested SO much time in clearly explaining what was wrong with the structure of my nose, what a deviated septum was and what my options were to fix it. He walked me through every part of the procedure multiple times before we actually went into surgery. He also was very upfront about pricing, which I appreciated - no surprises!

The surgery could not have gone better! While it took a few hours longer than expected (apparently I had a fractured septum!), he meticulously repaired my nose in precisely the way he said he would. He set accurate expectations about recovery with me before surgery, so I wasn't surprised by the pain or swelling. I was able to return to normal activity in exactly the amount of time he indicated I would (~4 weeks for full activity).

Every time we meet, he treats me with such care and compassion. I always felt safe with Dr. Seth and knew that he had my best interests in mind. 3 months post-surgery, I am incredibly happy with my results and I would recommend Dr. Seth to anyone! In fact, my mom plans on seeing him for a different procedure.

Thank you so much Dr. Seth!!! I am beyond grateful that I can breathe fully for the first time!
Alexa K
Dr. Seth surgery on my facial paralysis was remarkable. He performed an amazing job on my facial paralysis. All my family and friends had great compliments and were amazed on the outcome of my surgery. He was extremely caring and informative. I was extremely nervous and his expertise and knowledge provided me with a sense of calm and ease. I greatly appreciate all his efforts and professionalism in making me feel confident again. He continues to make sure I feel and look 100% during my follow-up appointments. I am truly thankful to Dr. Seth for taking good care of me all these years.
Michael T
Dr. Seth is an awesome surgeon and an awesome person! His skill and caring are impressive. My nasal surgery has helped so much with my breathing issues and he was always there to answer questions and concerns. All of his staff have been helpful and compassionate as well. Thanks to Dr. Seth and staff for all of your help!
Tina D
Dr Seth is a wonderful, caring doctor with a calm, reassuring and supportive demeanor. I postponed surgery for my deviated septum for many years, worried that it would change the shape of my nose. Dr. Seth did an amazing job reconstructing the septum so that I can breathe normally again. There is no scarring and nose is unchanged. He's extremely capable and I would highly recommend him for nasal surgery.
Gina D
Dr. Seth is a great facial surgeon and caring doctor. He did a fantastic job replacing the badly deviated septum in my nose. I can now fully breathe through both sides of my nose without any side effects. There are no visible scars on my nose or face from the surgery and no strange feelings in my nose. I recommend Dr. Seth fully.
Charles H
My name is Brandon and I am a Registered Nurse with UCSF. I often provide nursing care for Dr. Seths surgical patients in our hospital. In my opinion, his work is always meticulous and superior, on top of that he is a genuinely kind man who truly cares about his patients. He is never in a rush when visiting patients and allows his patients and their family time to think of any concerns they have.

This first-hand experience led me to see Dr. Seth myself for my problem. I have never been able to breathe out of my nose well at all, which caused me to subtly mouth breathe all the time. I had low cardiovascular endurance because i could not oxygenate well, and had been wearing breathe right nasal strips at night for years. During my office visit with Dr. Seth, he indicated to me that I had a significantly deviated septum as well as nasal valve collapse. He said he could help me. I was so relieved to hear this, and he explained everything to me to my satisfaction. After doing plenty of my own research on rhinoplasty, I know Dr Seth had to pull out all the stops to fix my nose. I underwent what is called a septoplasty and functional rhinoplasty with him at my own hospital and my experience was phenomenal. The first week was a little rough, as are all nasal surgeries, but at the seven day followup Dr Seth removed the nasal stents. I cried in his office because I could actually take a full breathe through my nose for the first time. I tell my patients and everyone I work with how amazing Dr. Seth is. He gave me "my best nose" and I am thankful everyday for what he did for me. I wish everyone could have Dr. Seth as their facial plastic surgeon.
Brandon C
I am grateful for all of the attention and care I've received from Dr. Seth. He has a wonderful bedside manner, is a very skilled surgeon and is patient in answering all of our questions. Surgery was my last option and I consulted with other doctors who recommended Dr. Seth. He performed a 3 part surgery that enables me to breathe freely and he showed great care in the recovery (which is quite long). His staff is great as well in their follow-up and subject matter knowledge. They are all a pleasure and he is likely the best doctor I've ever worked with.
Ron H
I don't even know where to begin. I am so beyond thankful for Dr. Seth. I had breathing issues for 28 years and he changed all of that! He's absolutely amazing to say the least. He managed to keep my nose shape the same (I actually like my nose shape) but changed everything internally. I used to feel so insecure because everyone could hear me breathing, but that insecurity is long gone! He is such a genuine man... Gives amazing advice and is completely honest about the entire process. His calm demeanor made me feel so comfortable pre, during and post surgery. Thank you Dr. Seth for improving my quality of life!
Sunit M
Dr. Seth is by far the best doctor i’ve had the pleasure of working with. His ability to explain procedures clearly and have them be easy to follow is unmatched. I had trouble breathing through my nose for 10+ years, visited may other doctors, but no one was able to get the job done like he did. 10/10 highly recommend.

Thanks for everything!
Tabesh A
In 2012, I had sinus surgery that didn't fix the underlying issues. I walked away with a septum that buckled to one side and an inability to breathe for 6 years. Dr. Rahul Seth listened to all of the details and my concerns, was incredibly supportive and friendly from intake through post-op appointments, and did an excellent job! I'm very happy to say that my sinus issues are fixed, my septum isn't buckled, and my nostrils don't collapse when I breathe in anymore! One of the best physicians and surgeons for whom I've head the pleasure to be a patient. Absolutely recommend Dr. Seth and his practice!
Rich W
On October 5th, 2016 I under went head and neck surgery for melanoma cancer at UCSF. The surgeon left a huge hole on my fore head that was covered with a dressing. On October 13th Dr. Rahul Seth operated on me to perform the difficult job of closing the hole. Before surgery he told me that he wanted my face to look as normal as possible after his surgery. He did that task admirably. My face looks normal, and I only have a small red scar above my eyebrow that is barely noticeable. My family and I are pleased with the result. Dr. Seth is fairly young, but highly skilled. I recommend him to those that need facial plastic surgery. I would allow him to operate on me again if necessary.
William S
I first saw Dr. Seth after a reoccurring bout of Bell's Palsy left the right side of my face paralyzed. I was quite depressed thinking my I'd just have to learn to deal with my paralysis. Dr. Seth was able to accommodate me immediately. He was very professional and understanding of my situation. When he said he could help, I was overjoyed! We began Botox injections, which helped to return the symmetry to my face. The injections helped to boost my confidence and my facial symmetry. Thanks to Dr. Seth, the smile has returned to my face! I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone! Not only is he extremely professional and compassionate, he does fantastic work!!!
Danielle F
Dr. Seth is an artist, a sculptor-as said by his OR nurses-and he truly is. I haven’t beeen able to breathe through my nose for 20 years. Not only did he fix the internal structure of my nose so that I am now able to breathe clearly, but he changed the appearance of my nose so that it fits my face and it looks a million times better! I cannot recommend him or his staff enough. He is thee best at rhinoplasty-hands down. My nose looks so much better, but subtle, and not “done”. Aside from being a great surgeon, he is warm and welcoming, and just a great person.
Amy W
My son had a broken nose from playing baseball when he was 9. Due to his age we had to wait till he stopped growing to go through the procedure. After going through three different consults we decided to have this procedure done by Dr. Seth. Aside from his knowledge and experience on the procedure Dr. Seth was extremely polite and approachable. We felt extremely cared for by himself and the staff. The results of the surgery were fantastic. My son can breathe now.
Rita H
Dr. Seth is a brilliant surgeon, and a thoughtful person, with a great team. Having several consultations with Dr.Seth allowed me to open up and have a clearer understanding of the procedures ahead. I've had feminization and the results are remarkable. My procedure needs more than one work and is recommended by Dr.Seth, for the results we want to achieve. Looking forward to be working with Dr. Seth and his team @ UCSF.
Joanna R
Dr. Seth fixed me up great after a bicycle accident. He was thoughtful, confident, and reassuring in every step of the process. Most importantly I am healing well thanks to his excellent work. I feel very lucky to have had such a great doctor.
Patrick H
For scalp melanoma excision reconstructive surgery: Dr. Seth is a chill guy whose pleasant, caring, and unhurried manner gave me great confidence in him and the procedure, and unburdened me from any pre and post-operative concerns about my complete recovery. I have had a "could not have hoped for a better" experience. Dr. Seth has been a blessing to me.
William H
I recently had a facelift procedure by Dr Seth. I’m so very pleased with my results. Dr Seth has been amazing through this whole experience. He’s very compassionate, kind, and spends ample time with me. I have full confidence and trust in him.
Penny C
I was referred to Dr. Seth by another surgeon at USCF (I see this as a professional compliment.) Dr. Seth is part of the team that did an outstanding job of surgical reconstruction on my nose and sinuses as well as removing hardware from surgery done over 30 years ago and infection that had been accumulating over several years because of the damage. I did not want to let just anyone do this complicated surgery and am very glad I battled the insurance company for over two years to make sure I received my care from the outstanding surgeons at UCSF. Dr. Seth is a very intelligent, thoughtful and thorough physician. If I ever need the services of a plastic surgeon again or have someone ask me for a referral, I will definitely seek him out.
Gina B
Dr Seth is a very caring and down to earth doctor who pays special attention to detail with the goal of providing the best possible outcome. Dr Seth and his staff work relentlessly to schedule appointments as quickly as possible and are able move appointments around, even last minute, as new aspects of the medical case emerge. This agile approach lessens patient anxiety while providing for positive, healing results.
Brian J
Dr. Seth is an amazing Plastic Surgeon. I had a nodule on my upper right nostril very close to my eye and for many years it was recommended by multiple doctors for me not to undergo surgery due to the location and scaring damage that it may create even though the nodule may be a low grade form of cancer. After many years of uncertainty and the nodule slowly growing larger, I decided to have it surgerically removed. I spoke with a dermatologists surgeon who told me he would be able to remove the lump but that it would leave a large scaring on my face and forehead. He then referred my case to Dr. Seth who then told me he would be able to remove the lump with minimal scaring and that he would hide the scare in the shadow of the crease line of my nose. It has now been over a year and I would have to say that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. People cannot even tell that I have a scar on my face. Thank you so much Dr. Seth!
Vincent T
Dr. Seth is a great facial surgeon and an overall great individual. He explained every detail and what to expect from the surgery and was great at keeping me updated post op
Prince N
Dr. Seth and his staff were fantastic. Dr. Seth took time to carefully explain my options and what to expect, and helped track my progress in the year after my operation. The staff were great to work with and very accommodating. I highly recommend him.
Keith G
Dr Seth defines who a Doctor should be. A technical master, kind, patient and listens. A truly dedicated surgeon who is passionate about improving and saving patients.
John R
Did an amazing job on my ffs revision! Couldn’t be more happier with my results! He did an amazing job on my rhinoplasty! Super happy and thankful for his work!
Queen V
I want to thank Dr.Rahul seth for taking me in and performing multiple surgeries on my face from cancer I'm for ever indebted to him he has done some amazing meryicals your a truly blessing for society again thank you Dr.seth also to some of your colleagues dr.wang Dr. Ryan dr.fabian and any others I forgot to mention I also have to give thanks to the UCSF nurses and staff members at mt.zion,Parnassus, Mission bay I hope some day I can donate a nice charitable amount for your cause and research may God bless you all and keep you safe ❤❤❤
Larry G
Simply put, he's really good. Five minutes into our first conversation I could tell---by his thoroughness, his intelligence, his demeanor. He's just really damn good.
Paul S
Dr. Seth is the nicest doctor I’ve ever met. I highly recommend him!
Andy Y
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