Skin Cancer Treatment in Fresno

Affecting over 1 million Americans a year, skin cancer is something that has several causes. There are three factors that influence the chances for skin cancer. One is a persons’ skin type, a person with lighter skin is more at risk than those with darker tones. The second factor is age. As we get older, the skin becomes more susceptible. And the third factor is sun exposure. Longer periods of time in the sun without skin protection increase the chance of developing skin cancer. Benefit from a range of skin cancer treatment options designed especially for you.

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Fresno Skin Cancer Treatment Options

Skin Cancer Treatment in FresnoThere are several types of skin cancer. This includes common cancers like basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. These types grow slowly and rarely spread beyond the skin. They are also rarely life-threatening, are easily curable, and are non-melanomas. Melanoma is more aggressive and life-threatening cancer. It starts in places like a birthmark or mole. It can be usually cured if treated early. Depending on your needs, we will perform a diagnosis and determine the best treatment option.

Dedicated Skin Cancer Treatment in Fresno

We are dedicated to our patients. Aside from the ultimate patient experience, we want to ensure complete care and the best treatment available. With any type of skin cancer treatment, we will have to determine the stage of the tumor. We will then approach the removal of the tumor with the best treatment course in your situation.

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