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Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical procedure that combines ultrasound and the body’s own natural healing process to lift, tone, and tighten loose skin on the face and neck.

Safe, Non-Surgical, No Downtime

Ultherapy uses the power of ultrasound to transform the brow, chin, neck and chest area. Ultrasound technology has been used safely throughout the medical field for over 50 years. Ultherapy relies on ultrasonic waves to promote natural collagen production in the treatment area. It also incorporates ultrasound imaging, which allows the Golden State Dermatology medical team to see the layers of the tissue they are treating, ensuring that energy is being delivered accurately and effectively.


Building New Collagen – A More Youthful You!

Ultherapy encourages the body’s natural production of collagen by delivering focused ultrasound energy to the skin’s foundational layer. This level of penetration was previously attainable only through surgical measures, but can now be done without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin in any way, thanks to Ultherapy.

Natural Results with No Downtime

Some patients may notice initial effects immediately after their first treatment, however the full extent of the results will appear over the next 2 – 3 months post treatment, as the new collagen works to lift and tighten the skin. Ultherapy is the perfect solution for those not yet ready for surgery looking for an alternative, or even to extend the effects of a surgical facelift.

Real results

ultherapy results
ultherapy results
ultherapy results
ultherapy results

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