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GSD’s Dermatopathology Lab provides fast turnaround, efficient communication, and cutting-edge diagnostics for patients and providers.

Our Dermatopathology Lab allows our providers and outside community providers to consult with our pathologists. Our experienced pathologists provide a fast turnaround and efficient communication to ensure the accuracy and continuity of patient care. Located in Walnut Creek, CA, our dermatopathology lab is led by Drs. Tim McCalmont, Emily Green, and Michael Wang. Our pathologists are passionate about combining cutting-edge diagnostic tools with advanced research for accurate and timely results, so patients can get the care they need fast.


370 N. Wiget Lane, Suite 250 ● Walnut Creek, CA 94598 ● 925.278.7592 ● [email protected]

Our Services

Dr. McCalmont is an internationally renowned dermatopathologist who brings a career’s worth of experience and dermatopathology excellence to each slide consultation. 

For questions or more information on sending a slide consultation, please reach out to our Pathology Consultation Manager, Yvonne Lee by email or phone: 925.464.1242  x10018 or click here.

Our Board-Certified Dermatopathologists are dedicated to providing expert pathologic diagnoses that integrate both clinical and pathological information. We provide rapid results for tissue specimens (48 hours). We also partner with the submitting providers to address specific questions or further discuss diagnostic findings and treatment. For more information on submitting tissue, click HERE.

We partner with Mohs surgeons to provide timely margin evaluation for tumors such as melanoma in situ that can be difficult to assess using traditional Mohs techniques. To coordinate sending a Slow Mohs specimen please call 925-278-7592 or email [email protected].


FAQ's for Patients

Dermatopathology is the study of skin disease at a microscopic level, involving the study of potential causes of skin, nail, or hair disorders at the cellular level, and is an essential component for the correct diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders.

More simply, if your dermatologist identifies something on your skin they are concerned about, they will take a biopsy of the skin.  This tissue sample is then sent to our in-house dermatopathology laboratory where one of our pathologists will examine the sample and provide a diagnosis.

Your provider or other labs send specimens to us. If you would like for your specimen to be expertly read by one of our dermatopathologists, please let your medical practitioner know of your request. We recommend that specimens be sent to us directly from your provider or a lab due to the necessary packaging required for transport. Should you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Yes, your insurance will be billed if a copy of your insurance card is submitted with the paperwork that comes with your referral. Click here to see our complete list of insurances accepted. 

By having our own Dermatopathology lab in-house, we are able to make sure that our patients receive their diagnoses as quickly as possible. This in turn allows for our team of providers to treat disease faster, resulting in the best possible outcomes post-diagnosis.

Benefits Include:

  • Faster Turnaround – Faster results, decreasing the valuable time between diagnosis and treatment.
  • More Efficient Communication – A direct communication line between your provider and our dermatopathologist
  • Control & Accuracy – Close control of tissue samples for the highest level of accuracy possible
  • Insurance & Records Convenience – Your medical records and insurance/billing remain integrated
  • Expert Diagnosis – Your diagnosis is provided by our experienced, trusted board-certified dermatopathologists
  • Cutting-Edge Technology –  We invest in the most advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology

Our dermatopathologists do not see patients. Instead, they examine tissue that has been sent to us by dermatologists or other community providers. Our pathologists also evaluate previously prepared slides along with their accompanying pathology report to offer a second opinion.

Have a skin concern? To make an appointment with one of our providers click here

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370 N. Wiget Lane, Suite 250
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
office: 925.278.7592  fax: 925.261.7349

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Dermatopathology cell images