Acne Diagnosis in Walnut Creek

Causes of acne include family history, stress, medications, but is mostly caused by hormones. It appears by clogged pores after hormones stimulate oil glands to produce oil. Excess oil created within a plugged pore leads to the development of blackheads and whiteheads. The continuous production below the blocked pore, and bacteria, will lead to the oil to be turned into free fatty acids. Eventually causing pressure that makes the follicle rupture under the surface of the skin. The oil and bacteria in the skin causes inflammation that looks like red bumps, pimples, and nodules. Get your acne diagnosis and begin on the path to clearer skin, contact Golden State Dermatology today!

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Walnut Creek Treatments for an Acne Diagnosis

Acne Diagnosis in Walnut CreekTreatments are based on the needs, skin type, and other factors of the patient. But acne is normally treated by decreasing the clogging of pores with topical medications rich in Vitamin A. Treatment courses are adjusted depending on the response of each patient to the treatment. Developing specialized treatments to meet the specific needs of our patients.

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