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Breaking Stereotypes: Embracing Men’s Cosmetic Enhancements

In recent years, a remarkable shift has occurred in the world of aesthetics. Men are embracing cosmetic procedures like never before, breaking the stigma surrounding beauty treatments and redefining what it means to be a confident and well-groomed individual. From facial enhancements to body sculpting, men are now taking charge of their appearance, seeking professional assistance to enhance their features and boost their self-esteem. Let’s explore the growing trend of men’s cosmetic procedures and the positive impact they are having on male confidence and self-image.

Starting with the Basics: Are Men’s and Women’s Skin Truly Different?

Short answer: Yes. Due to different hormone levels! Men have:

  • More sebaceous glands (these produce sebum, an oily substance that’s designed to protect the skin) with larger and more numerous pores
  • Oilier skin. Men produce about twice as much sebum as women. The result is oilier skin with a lower pH than female skin, which makes men’s skin more susceptible to impurities and acne.
  • Thicker skin. Men’s skin is about 20% thicker than women’s (on average) and has more collagen. This can help skin look firmer and tighter for longer. The collagen in men’s skin decreases over time at a constant rate, while women lose collagen more quickly after menopause. That can mean men look younger than women, even if they’re the same age and in general health.
  • Facial hair. Women also have facial hair, but it’s usually finer and less noticeable than men’s. Many men have enough facial hair to need daily shaving, which can lead to skin irritation.

Growth in Men’s Cosmetic Procedures

Despite the differences, both biological genders experience skin issues like acne, aging, or conditions like rosacea. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that men, too, need the advice and help of medical dermatologists for healthy skin.

When looked at in aggregate, non-invasive procedures for men (for example laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, injectables) have grown by 29% from 2000 to 2020, according to the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

“We’re seeing more men that are comfortable coming in for consultations,” said Yi (Michelle) Yang, M.D. of Allura Skin & Laser Center in San Mateo, A Golden State Dermatology Affiliate. “We saw an increase during Covid – the “Zoom effect” is what the media called it. Essentially, people were looking at themselves all day long on camera, and realizing they could look even better if they wanted to.”

Just as many women feel pressure to look young, so do men. That can lead to pressure to minimize signs of aging, like wrinkles, “age” spots, or sagging skin. Even without external pressure, some people want to improve the health of their skin.

Facial Rejuvenation: Beyond the Shave

When it comes to facial rejuvenation, men now have a variety of options to choose from. Botox injections are a popular choice for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, particularly in the forehead and around the eyes. These minimally invasive treatments help men achieve a more refreshed and youthful appearance without compromising their masculine features.
Dermal fillers have also gained immense popularity among men. By restoring lost volume and defining facial contours, fillers can provide a more sculpted and refined look. Whether it’s enhancing cheekbones or restoring a strong jawline, men are now seeking these procedures to achieve a balanced and attractive facial structure.

Laser resurfacing comes in multiple forms (FX Laser Resurfacing, Clear + Brilliant laser) that involve using tiny pulses of light on the skin. This treatment targets wrinkles, uneven skin tone, scars, and even loose eyelid skin. Some lasers focus more on sun damage, like the Fraxel Dual laser, and others offer skin improvement, plus hair removal, like Elite laser.

Body Contouring: Shaping Masculine Physiques

Body contouring procedures are not solely reserved for women. Men are increasingly turning to cosmetic treatments to address concerns such as stubborn fat deposits and lack of muscle definition. Liposuction, a surgical procedure that removes excess fat from targeted areas, can help men achieve a more sculpted and toned physique.

Non-surgical options like CoolSculpting have gained popularity as well. This innovative technique uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate fat cells, resulting in a slimmer and more defined appearance. For those desiring a more athletic look, procedures like abdominal etching and pectoral implants offer transformative possibilities.

The era of men’s cosmetic procedures is here, and it’s empowering men to embrace their individuality, redefine traditional notions of masculinity, and enhance their natural features. With a wide range of options available, men can now choose procedures that align with their desired aesthetic goals, while maintaining their unique masculine identity. By breaking the stereotypes and embracing cosmetic enhancements, men are on a journey towards self-discovery, self-confidence, and self-love.

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