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Abdallah Khourdaji, MD

Location(s): Lodi, CA
Build Reputation. Measure Satisfaction.

Dr. Abdallah Khourdaji has been in practice for over 30 years. After earning his degree in medicine from the Damascus University School of Medicine in 1973, Dr. Khourdaji completed his residency in pathology at Louisiana State University (LSU) Medical Center. In 1978, Dr. Khourdaji became board-certified in pathology and practiced pathology for two years before returning to LSU to pursue dermatology. After receiving board certification for dermatology in 1985, Dr. Khourdaji established his practice in Lodi, California.

Dr. Khourdaji’s focuses are on clinical dermatology and surgical treatment of skin cancer, which includes Mohs surgery. Moreover, Dr. Khourdaji utilizes photodynamic therapy for the treatment of skin cancer, pre-cancerous skin conditions, acne treatment, and skin rejuvenation. He also performs a variety of cosmetic dermatological treatments such as Botox, Collagen, and Restylane injections, as well as, laser hair removal, laser treatment of broken capillaries/spider veins on the face and legs  Dr. Khourdaji is committed along with his team to deliver superior medical care in compliance with ethical and moral standards.