Eczema Treatment Options in Livermore

Eczema, or dermatitis, is a condition that causes inflammation because of irritation from an allergy, chemical, or harsh soaps. One of its most common types is atopic dermatitis. This type of eczema causes extremely sensitive, dry skin that has an impaired barrier to the environment. But Golden State Dermatology is here to help. Our eczema treatment options can help patients find relief. Take advantage of the expertise our team offers and learn more about eczema and how to manage it.

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Experienced Eczema Treatment Options

Eczema Treatment Options in LivermoreTreatments for atopic dermatitis require the routine moisturization of the dry skin. Treatments may also include the use of prescription topical steroid creams. As well as non-steroid, anti-inflammatory creams, and ointments. To reduce the sensation of itching, oral antihistamines are often needed. And in the case of infection antibiotics may be required. Whatever your needs are, we are ready to help.

Livermore Skin Care and Eczema Treatment Options

Let us provide the best results and the ultimate patient experience. Golden State Dermatology recruits the best clinicians in the industry. And we equip them with the best resources and technology. Enabling us to provide full spectrum dermatology care. So, our patients can benefit from services like skin cancer care, chemical peels, rosacea care, laser hair removal, mole removal, and more.

You can learn more by calling 925.443.0980 and speaking with one of our team members. They will be available to provide more information regarding our eczema treatment options and can help you book an appointment. To send us a message instead, please fill out the form found on this page, and we will contact you shortly.

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