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Causes and Treatments for Hair Loss

Hair is highly sensitive to stress and there are many triggers to hair loss. The triggers can range from anemia to some other systemic disease. 

For female patients suffering from hair loss, I recommend trying Nutrafol for 3 months. Nutrafol is a natural herbal supplement that benefits both men and women suffering from hair loss. We now carry Nutrafol in many of our clinics. 

If after three months, the results are not significant, we can add PRP injections. PRP injections are natural and there are no side effects. We extract the platelet rich plasma from the patient’s blood and re-inject them back to the scalp. Patient will need 3-6 visits at monthly intervals. 

If there are any internal triggers, we will prescribe the responding medication for treatment. 

The key is to treat hair loss early. Boost your body and immune system with supplements. The most important thing is that,  hair loss is a long term commitment! You need to continue to nourish your hair even if your hair volume has returned to normal! 

Avis Chiu, PA-C  |  GSD Pleasanton, CA & Tracy, CA

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